The professionals in hard floor and concrete floor cleaning in Adelaide

Hard Floor and Concrete Floor Cleaning

At SA Sweepers and Scrubbers we specialise in Hard Floor and Concrete Floor Cleaning in Adelaide. It is our aim to allow businesses to focus on what they do best, while we provide an exceptional commercial cleaning service. With no disruptions to your business, we arrive at your site and deliver a high quality sweeping and scrubbing service. We clean, sweep, scrub all hard surfaces including concrete, bitumen, pavers, vinyl, tiles and more. We complete the job in a fast and efficient manner, leaving everything looking beautiful and clean.

Our professional team provides High Pressure Cleaning in Adelaide to a range of small to medium businesses and companies across Adelaide. To ensure we deliver the very best service we only use the highest quality equipment. As authorised dealers for Fiorentini and Nilfisk products, we use high quality machines from these leading brands to clean your commercial property. The cleaning products we utilise during the clean range from large, ride on combination LPG sweepers and scrubbers to more compact, battery powered pedestrian sweepers and scrubbers.

As a team, it is our main priority to ensure our customers are completely satisfied by our service. This is why with every job we take on we strive to provide the very best service possible. Our team conducts themselves in a professional manner, displaying high attention to detail and high quality workmanship. We only employ staff who boast years of experience in the knowledge and have a sound knowledge of the industry. For your peace of mind all of our work is 100% guaranteed.

Sweeping and Scrubbing Machines we use

Fiorentini UBF 34 (S34) Ride on LPG Sweeper

This impressive Fiorentini machine dry sweeps only hard floor surfaces. The surfaces this sweeper works on all hard floors.

Nilfisk BR1100 Ride on Battery Scrubber

This ride on, battery scrubber wet scrubs all hard surfaces, leaving them clean.

Combination Sweeper and Scrubber – Fiorentini 115ISS Ride on LPG Sweeper and Scrubber

This machine is multi functional, allowing it to sweep and scrub separately as well as sweep and scrub at the same time. This machine can be used on any hard surface and is ideal for multi car parks.

Routine Cleans

SA Sweepers and Scrubbers strives to provide our clients with the most convenient service. Therefore, we provide routine cleans including, regular weekly and monthly cleans and also daily sweeping and scrubbing. Additionally, we also perform one off cleans for businesses. We have many clients signed up for regular cleans with some outlined below:

Weekly/Monthly Cleans :

•    Toll Logistics
•    Kangaroo Freight Services
•    AI Automotive

Daily sweeps and Scrubs :

•    Tindo Solar
•    Light Force
•    Mastic
•    Keough Transport Pty Ltd
•    Dulux Acratec
•    Arrunga Concrete Solutions


If you are interested in our Hard Floor and Concrete Floor Cleaning Service in Adelaide and would like to learn more, please call our friendly staff on 8340 7936.